About Avery

Welcome to the dusklight.  I'm Avery, a nineteen year old amateur blogger.  I come from the island of Oahu, HI but am currently studying at a mainland university.  Moving to the mainland has been hard - expensive and a little lonely.  So to raise my spirits, I've started this blog.  I hope to post fun and inspirational do-it-yourself projects, fashion reports, and lifestyle entries.  I'm very passionate about creativity, and channel that passion through art, home, fashion, and sewing projects.

Feel free to ask me any questions about my blog or myself, or would like to recommend a diy, please comment on any blog post.  I'll be sure to answer.  I'm just starting out, so please follow me on bloglovin' and spread the word to friends who would also enjoy my blog!

To get the ball rolling, here are links to my other online accounts:
Instagram: instagram.com/aaverss
Art Tumblr: art-epileptic.tumblr.com
Etsy Store: etsy.com/shop/dusklightshop
Ebay Store: ebay.com/usr/dusklightcloset

Thanks for visiting the dusklight, happy exploring!

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